Michael Katch has been a resident of the Downtown West Neighborhood for over 7 years now, after living for three years in St. Anthony. He understands the livability issues his neighbors deal with on a daily basis, and wrestles with the same traffic and parking challenges every day. He watched the 35W bridge go down from his window, and sees the TCF Stadium glowing in the dark every week. This is home, and it must be tended and maintained meticulously, bearing in mind the heavy costs of doing business. Michael expects his neighbors to contribute to the discussion on all development projects in the community, and anticipates that they will make the right choices for the city.
There is no reason that developers can not communicate and negotiate with the neighbors to find ways to improve the livability of our neighborhoods. They could, for example, contribute to our green space and infrastructure when they erect their lucrative landmarks. Michael thinks it is outrageous that the state of Minnesota thinks that our neighborhood restaurants should be responsible to generate the funds to build a stadium for their collective pleasure on behalf of a multi-billionaire owner, without allowing a legitimate vote by the people. He thinks it is even more outrageous that the currently seated elected city council members approved such a move, eschewing the Charter-required referendum that was so hard fought for just a few years ago. It was heinous when the Minneapolis City Council gave away our remarkable Libraries, and kept the debt. It was criminal when they sold our parking garages, and kept the debt therefrom, which are still operating privately at a profit, just not for the city.
Minneapolis City Council should be in the business of husbanding the city’s resources, and using them to benefit the residents of the city, not the business of making fortunes for certain chosen business owners at the expense of the rest of us. Michael Katch wants to turn the Council around to bring responsive governance to the city, and responsible stewardship of our assets and resources.


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