Michael Katch has invested many hours through the past 7 years investigating and analyzing Minneapolis city operations and budgeting.  He has fought for the voice of the citizens to be heard and devoted days and weeks to expressing the desires of his neighbors in efforts to allow Minneapolitans to control their own lives.  He has stood tall in front of the Hennepin County Board defending our great Grand Rounds parkland.  He has argued with the city Council in an enormous effort to keep our $225 million dollar library collection in the hands of the taxpayers who paid to build it.  He has testified at the State legislature defending our award-winning Neighborhood Revitalization Program, which allowed the taxpayers to choose how to spend the tax moneys  designated by the legislature for their benefit. 

Michael believes firmly in the Power of the people to guide their community.  He does not believe in the guidance of the oligarchical 13 members who claim to speak for the people, yet refuse to listen to what they want.  Michael Katch wants to bring the words of the people to government, directly.  He will not pretend to govern from a higher plane, imposing a more educated and superior point of view on the Council instead of asking the voters what their preference is.  Michael Katch understands his role as a conduit for the people’s desires and decisions, to provide for the needs of the people and use their resources as they choose for their clear benefit. 

Michael Katch will insist on a referendum for every major change and major expense the city might incur.  He believes the voters should say if they want to spend their hard-earned treasure on a stadium.  He believes the voters should decide whether they want to burn more plastic pellets to create energy, either at the Convanta plant or some new facility to be built in south Minneapolis.  He believes the voters must choose whether electricity should be a city-owned utility, or should continue to be outsourced to a particular blessed monopoly.  Let the voters choose!!



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